What is Joystick?

A Joystick is an input device commonly used for video games. It has a stick and a base that can be moved in any direction. The stick can be moved quickly or slowly. Some joysticks can rotate from left to right or from right to left. Due to its flexible use, Joystick provides much better control than keyboard keys.

Structure of Joystick:

Joystick usually has several buttons. Some joysticks have at least one button on the top of the stick, and other buttons are on the Joystick base.

How to connect Joyce Stick to your computer?

A basic serial or USB port is typically used to connect the Joystick to your computer and often comes with built-in software that allows you to assign the function to each button. You can also reassign the functions to the buttons after assigned once.

What kind of games can be played with Joystick?

Joyce Stack is best suited for action and flying games such as Taken 3, Pubg, Freefire, etc. However, some gamers prefer to use Joyce Stacks for other video games, such as first-person shooter games.