How to make my computer faster with windows 10? 10 Ways to do it:

A fast computer is a luxury and a requirement at the same time. It helps you to process your information at a faster rate. Besides, you can perform more tasks in lesser time. In other words, it saves your time and energy by providing you with the best quality. 

Are you ticked off with your slow computer speed? Well, it’s a problem a lot of computer users faces. It depends on your computer to identify its stamina. Sometimes, a cheap computer with a tiny change performs like a pro. Complete awareness of the computing hardware and software are essential to make your computer run faster. 

Here I mention some of the few hacks about how to make my computer faster. You can apply them now to levels up your device peak performance.

1.Checkout your Hardware space:

How to make my computer faster?

The general rule to get your computer running fast is to have at least 15% free hard disk space. If your hard disk is almost complete, you may need to remove some programs and files to speed up your computer. But if you have a lot of disk space, your operating system may be faulty.

2.Upgrade your Random access memory:

Much of the performance of your computer depends on the memory or the amount of memory. It allows the computer to perform multiple operations at the same time. It stores the information in a kind of temporary memory.

The more RAM you have, the more processes you can run at the same time. Upgrading from 2 GB to 4 GB or 8 GB can significantly improve the performance of almost any computer, even for years.

3.Close the unnecessary tabs:

Many modern consumers have a bad habit of always opening new tabs in their browsers. It never closes one of the old tabs. When I open Chrome, I see more than 12 active tabs, but I do not need one. In other cases, it seems harmless enough or even convenient, but each open Tab performs a process that slows down other computer functions. Make sure you close all tabs when the online session is over.

4.Take a look at power settings:

Tips about how to make your computer faster

Do not panic. It sees if your computer uses power.

This information lists in the settings under Power Options. Does your machine work with balanced settings? Or maximum performance setting? Depending on the predefined settings, you may be able to restart your computer twice as fast, but make sure it connects to a power source. Maximum performance usually results in a much faster depletion of the battery.

5.Avoid the automatic program launching after turn on the computer:

If you can’t justify Spotify every time you turn on your computer, you should consider avoiding it. Programs that start and run automatically consume a lot of computer memory.

To uninstall an item launched in OS X, click the Apple icon and go to System Preferences> Users and Groups> Sign In. Here you can see all the programs that start when you start your computer, and you can see them all.

Click Windows on the Start menu, search for MSConfig and click on the Startup tab. A list of programs will display. You can automatically remove the blocks you do not want to run.

6.Scan to remove viruses from time to time:

In addition to performing regular malware scans on your computer, you should also perform routine virus and spyware scans.

Log in to your antivirus program and perform the scan manually. You can schedule it weekly. Be sure to do this if you are not using your computer. Many antiviruses on your computer will also slow you down, so unless you want to be incredibly accurate and maybe a little extended, it’s a good idea to run only one.

7.Utilize a disk cleanup or repair:

The computer produces a large number of temporary files each time you start or use an application. These temporary files such as internet history, cookies, and caches take up a lot of space on your hard drive, which further slows down your system.

Disk Wipe / Recovery can clean up hundreds of megabytes by deleting temporary and unwanted system files or emptying the Recycle Bin.

8.Understand Solid State Drive usage:

top 10 hacks about how to make my computer faster

SSDs, or solid-state drives, are data storage components that allow most computer programs to run faster than they can store on a typical HDD (hard disk drive). There are two main options for configuring SSD upgrades, external or internal.

If you use an external SSD, it’s easy to set up. Connect your SSD to your machine via a Thunderbolt 3 cable. If you want to connect internally, the device will have to physically able to install. The installation will take some time. Install a new SSD, but performance will improve.

9.Use the latest operating system that suits your device:

Using the latest operating systems, in addition to the hardware used on your computer, can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your computer. As new technologies introduced, the operating system also creates to communicate with the modern technologies. It fully supports by the computer.

Today’s operating systems have issued updates to support new technologies, but older operating systems may not receive these updates. For example, a Windows 10 computer may work faster than a Windows XP computer because it supports all the latest hardware and is more optimized.

10.The Bus speed understanding and smart usage:

For older computers, the bus speed on the motherboard accelerates data transfer between all hardware components. For example, the 66 MHz FSB (front bus) is much slower than the 400 MHz FSB. If the computer bus slow, the processor will take longer to wait for instructions and slow down the computer.

Computers with Intel processors now use QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) instead of FSB. QPI is faster and more efficient than FSB. Computers with AMD processors use HyperTransport instead of FSB. Like QPI, HyperTransport fast and more efficient than FSB. QPI and HyperTransport accelerate communication between processors, RAM, hard drives and other hardware. It means that your computer will be faster.


I have mentioned some of the pro tips about how to make my computer faster, you can boost up your computer’s speed from time to time. Besides, it allows you to protect your computer from sudden malfunctions.