Top 5 ways to protect & maintain your Music & Data CD’s [Tips & Tutorial]

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Although the trend towards usage of Compact Disk(CD’s) has declined among users but still we do require Music Cd’s to play stereo in your car or in Home theatre system. We also keep bootable CD’s & DVD’s which contains some essentials software sometimes even your Operating system and BackUp’s , but what if someday you find your Music CD’s containg your favourite tracks being broken, it certainly hurts as now you can’t retrieve the data. But this damage can be avoided by sensibly maintaining your Optical storage (CD & DVD’s). Here, I have listed some of the few tips on “How you can Protect your CD’s from damages“…….

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#1. Handling & Storage mechanism

You might me surprised to know that if handled carefully a Pre-recorded disk (like, Music CD’s & Video DVD’s) can last for 50 to 100 years and a disk you’ve recorded can last for 10 to 15 years. Having said that, these are the few things which can extend your CD life :-

  • Do not let sunlight, moisture & excessive heat fall on your CD directly, it can harm the sectors & tracks which are used for recording.
  • Handle with care. Make sure whenever you pick a CD keep your fingers away from the shiny part of the disk and the index finger should be in the centre of the disk.Cd Jewel Case 300x264 Top 5 ways to protect & maintain your Music & Data CDs [Tips & Tutorial]
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the disk and when not in use remember to keep the disk in the CD case which further removes the possibility of loose handling.
#2.  Cleaning your Disk

Its very important to keep your CD’s clean to remove finger prints which can create hurdles during reading of the disk. Follow these set of instructions on “How you to clean your CD“…..
  • Always use a good quality CD cleaning kit to remove dust and stains.
  • Use a soft and dry fibre cloth for cleaning the surface of the disk. Do not use any kind of organic solvents for cleaning like., acetone, detergents or cleaners. Always use distilled water for cleaning your disk, Tap water is also not recommended.
  • I have seen most of the people cleaning there disk in a circular fashion but it is Wrong, as it can develop scratches on your disk. Always wipe the cloth in a straight line, starting from the center and moving outwards to the edge.
#3. Avoiding Scratches

What if you accidently got a scratch on your disk, it makes you disheartened but this can also be fixed. Just, Follow these steps …
  • First, clean the disk with a dry cloth and the technique mentioned above with distilled water.
  • Pick a dry cloth and apply some toothpaste on the cloth, just gently rub that cloth on the place where you have got the scratch.
  • Now let it dry for sometime but not completely, now rinse the disk with distilled water and wipe it gently.
  • After it has dried completely you will see the scratch has vanished.
#4. Back up

It’s always a good idea to maintain a backup of your CD & DVD drives which can help you restore the data in case you lost it . Basically there are two ways you can rip (backup) your disk - Lossy and Lossless formats which are preferably for audio CD’s. Lossy format is generally not seen often but it is developed during conversion process of your audio track. You can rip or backup you Data, Audio CD by using these third party softwares :-
  • FreeRIP Basic (highly recommended)
  • CDex
  • Exact Audio Copy
  • Freac
#5. Data Recovery tools

Your disk got bricked, you have scratches on the disk and you want to fetch data out of it. What will you do now ??. There are  variety of third party softwares which can recover your Data on the disk even if your computer is not able to read the scratched portion.
For doing this use Nero Smart Essentials for Windows and DDresue tool for Linux OS , these softwares can take ample amount of time to recover your data because of slow speed in reading tracks & sectors. But don’t quit you will get your data after sometime.
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