How to Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy Fame – Tutorial

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Samsung Galaxy Fame is the latest and the most popular smartphone especially among budget conscious people as it is a great value for money at Rs. 7,800. Now, that you have an Android smartphone within your budget you can just start tweaking it to get the most out of it. To start with, what else can be more better than rooting.

Samsung Galaxy Fame is a decent phone with an abreast version of Android OS i.e, Jelly bean 4.1 and now a new update has also been rolled out i.e., Android 4.1.2. After, a lot of hard work by some developers, the fraternity was finally able to find a way out using the tool called “Motochopper”.

Don’t get surprised by the “Moto” thing out there, it works perfectly on Galaxy Fame (only for some model). So, if you’re ready to take over the root access of your phone, perform the steps jot down below.

Samsung Galaxy Fame How to Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy Fame   Tutorial

Disclaimer: Rooting is a risky task to undertake and if not properly implemented may eventually brick your cellphone. You are yourself responsible for following any tweaking guide on this site. Technogiantz or any other author will not stand responsible in any case.

Step to Root Samsung Galaxy Fame

Step 1) Download the Root Package from here. Extract it your computer’s hard drive.

Step 2) Connect your phone to the PC and also make sure ADB recognizes your device. To check the same, just type adb devices as a command in CMD, if the result displays your phone then don’t need to worry else install Android SDK again.

Step 3) Once, this much is done move to the directory where you have the folder called “Motochopper”. Run the file named “Run.bat” and you will be prompted with the CMD shell. If using a Linux machine, execute the file “”.

Step 4) Follow the onscreen instruction and remember be patient if it takes some time, it’s nothing unusual. If everything works good, you will see a Rooting successful message at the end and the phone should automatically reboot.

Step 5) In case, SuperSu app is not installed after rooting. Go to CMD and type “ADB shell” and then “su”. After that, try to install SuperSu app from playstore and probably you will see SuperSu installed.

Step 6) Just for your satisfaction, you can download “Root Checker” app and make sure the phone have root access.

Steps to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Fame

Step 1) As such, Motochopper doesn’t have a special facility to revoke the root access but we can still unroot using “SuperOneClick” application.

Step 2) Download the application from here. Run the application with your phone connected to the PC and click Unroot option.

Step 3) Once clicked, you will see many statements being executed in a window followed by a message “Device is not rooted” at the end.

Step 4) That’s it..!! You have now moved to the STOCK version of the phone. Galaxy fame has been unrooted.

Note : If you run into a problem, probably ADB has not recognized your device or your phone drivers are not installed. Correct these two things to make sure everything runs smoothly. A problem might also occur if you’re implementing

In case, any problem still persists we can discuss the issue here.

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  1. hey. i have a problem i can’t update my software but is it possible to update the software once i unrooted my device? please reply as soon as possible. thank you

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