How to use WhatsApp Messenger on your Laptop [Tutorial]

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WhatsApp is no new name for any Smartphone user these days. Everybody is using this cross-platform chat application from all over the world and these days the major communication is done through this. Although, this mobile messaging app is available only for smartphones across all major platforms like., Android, iOS , Blackberry, Windows Phone, you might also want it to run on your laptop.

I have an amazing way using which you can use WhatsApp messenger on any Laptop which is running Windows OS. We will just use the capabilities of Android OS for which the app is readily available for free. All we need, is a a software called BlueStacks, which is an Android Emulator for running Android based applications on a laptop. So, let’s head towards the tutorial.

bluestacks new logo big How to use WhatsApp Messenger on your Laptop [Tutorial]


Step 1) Download BlueStacks from here. Install the software on your PC or laptop. The installation will take a lot of time. Meanwhile, get up and smell the coffee.

Step 2) Run the BlueStacks application from your desktop after the software is installed. Now, use your existing facebook account to create a account for BlueStacks. To do this, Settings (bottom bar) -> Manage Accounts -> Add New account ->Scrutiny.

account How to use WhatsApp Messenger on your Laptop [Tutorial]

Step 3) Search for the WhatsApp messenger app and install it.

search How to use WhatsApp Messenger on your Laptop [Tutorial]

Step 4) After you have installed it. Go to, My Apps section on the home screen of the software and run WhatsApp messenger. Verify your Contact number and then invite your friends to add them as Contact for WhatsApp.

Step 5) Now, you will be able to send messages, audio, images, video to your friends without using any smartphone. Not only, WhatsApp, many applications available for Android can be accessed on your laptop using BlueStacks App Player. “Simple Yet Powerful !!

How do you find these tutorial ?? The folks who doesn’t have access to Android or any other smartphone can now use this software to get a full featured access to Android platform.

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