Top 8 Qualities a Company Expects from a Fresh Engineer

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Are you preparing for Placements ?? If yes, you have hit the right place as we discuss today some of the very basic qualities that an established Industry seeks from a fresh engineering graduate. Of course, we all have some areas where we specialize in but the most important thing is the utilization of that skill or knowledge to drive a profitable business and that’s what a corporate looks from you as it’s employee.

We are generally more concerned about improving ourselves in our own way but have you ever thought what qualities a company expects from you as a an Engineer. We rarely think about these factors but we should focus more towards building these skills rather than going offbeat as times.

hireme 1 Top 8 Qualities a Company Expects from a Fresh Engineer

Ironically, the colleges in India show a wide disparity between what they deliver and what they are expected to deliver. Obviously, the industry-academia gap is killing many futures but there is need to minimize the difference by encouraging more industrial involvements.

This article has been compiled along with the efforts from Mr. Rajagopalan P, Principal, E&R, Infosys, Mysore. He has 18 years of experience in IT Industry which also involves leading the Java Foundation Program.

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As a result, this article is an attempt to bring out 8 such qualities that a fresh engineer should posses in order to seek a job. From, the industries perspective these are some of the ideal qualities of an engineer. Hope, you will find the article useful.

#1. Learnability

The global technological trends has changed drastically in the recent times and any industry striving for profit can’t sway away from this. Industry expects that the employees should posses zeal to learn new tools and technologies which can help both the company and employee to adapt to the changes. In short, the industry wants it’s employees to be life long learners.

#2. Team Player

“United we stand and divided we fall”, we have been taught this saying from years and this is to be implemented now in practise. In this age of technological innovations, it is impossible to master all the skills. One should focus on the skills he specialize in, collaborate with teams having correlating skills and contribute.

#3. Communication Skills

Engineers can’t make a miss on this as it forms an integral part of the working culture. Organizations have global clients whom you need interact with to understand the requirements and english being the widely spoken language, one needs to ace it.

#4. Positive Attitude

At times, there are circumstances when you need to handle adverse situations in the best possible way. What a company wants is not that you blame your co-workers for project hiccups but take responsibility and stay positive so that you come up with something unique.

#5. Flexibility

Majority of the software firms in India offer flexibility in terms of working hours and job role, same is expected from an employee in areas like, project type, job location and extra work hours. Google has been accorded the numero uno position for the best IT company and somewhere the work environment and flexibility counts as a major factor in the ranking.

#6. Adaptability

An engineer should be highly adaptable to both work environment and project type assigned to him. Sometimes, the project you may be assigned may not be of your interest but that doesn’t mean you should skew away from it, ¬†instead try to align things in your favour. Moreover, you will be noticed and acknowledged for this trait.

#7. Self – Motivation

Definitely, motivation is the force that keeps every individual in the best of his spirits. For organizations, it is the quality that keeps the morale of the team high which in turn contributes effectively to the project. Also, a company believes that even though a fresh engineer is at the beginning of the career, the industry expects the engineer to be clear about his short-term and long-term endeavours.

#8. Ownership

Whatever you do, you should do it best so that the product is characterized by your excellence. In other words, an engineer should own the work that is assigned to him/her. Software firms believe that the sense of ownership results in completion of tasks with maximum quality.

Are you geared up for working in a corporate ?? If yes, remember to inculcate these 8 qualities of an engineer that every company look for. In addition, to these skills if an engineer is thorough with his/her domain knowledge, nobody can keep you away from the job you desire.

How do you find this article ?? If, you think it worth a share we would be happy to see your inputs too.

Giriraj Ranawat

Giriraj Ranawat is a passionate tech blogger from Rajasthan, India. He is an avid traveler and love to explore new dimensions of technology. You can follow him at Twitter

5 Comments to Top 8 Qualities a Company Expects from a Fresh Engineer

  1. I think many of these are common sense qualities that most employers are looking for to be honest.
    I do however thing Ownership is a huge one. Making sure you own the job and follow it through from start to completion. I also think that these days it isn’t seen as enough to have the technical knowledge. You also have to be prepared to communicate what you are doing both technically and in simpler terms (for the user who isn’t technically minded).
    Something to think about thought. Thank you.
    Laura recently posted…How to Refresh the Local version of a Roaming ProfileMy Profile

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